ApiRays® has proudly developed a new recombinant apyrase called ApiOne®. ApiOne® has been tested for its rapid hydrolyzation and complete elimination of ATP, ATP-analogues, and ATP by-products. This characteristic feature of ApiOne®, to degrade ATP in less than a few minutes, makes it superior compared to other similar enzymes available in the market. 

Our patented technology provides a unique solution for the accurate quantification of ATP even in clinical samples of blood serum and urine. ApiOne® is a superior choice for bioluminescent assays, especially for analysis of biological samples containing extracellular ATP, which will bring bioluminescence chemistry closer to the clinics as a point-of-care test.

Apart from diagnosis, the rapid and complete elimination of ATP-by products helps to increase the DNA read-lengths in pyrosequencing.




The hydrolytic activity of ApiOne® in comparison with commercial potato apyrase shows, according to our data, rapid and complete elimination of ATP. The rate of hydrolysis and the low ATP amounts that ApiOne® can reach is far beyond what is achievable with the potato apyrase.




Our data for hydrolysis of ATP over time shows how potato apyrase has a hard time breaking down ATP and becomes static after ~3 min. However, ApiOne® can not only maintain a constant hydrolysis rate but it keeps breaking down the ATP to extremely low amounts, even after 30 min.



Our data for ApiOne® shows  the complete breakdown of ATP to AMP in less than 5 minutes, whereas its competitor (potato apyrase) doesn't reach similar levels even after 24 h. It clearly shows that the potato apyrase struggles to break down ADP residues, which is not at all an issue for ApiOne®.



Even when compared to other ATP hydrolyzing enzymes such as hexokinase and alkaline phosphatase, ApiOne® shows a characteristic capacity to break down ATP to extremely low levels. It also has the capacity to break down higher concentrations of ATP, far surpassing e.g. alkaline phosphatase.