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Our recombinant apyrase shows unprecedented performance. Contact us for a sample and try it for yourself!

Robust Performance


For higher ATP concentrations (e.g. 0.33 mM), ApiOne® shows a capacity of up to 5000x more than potato apyrase.


Our patented innovation shows a significant difference in performance for ApiOne®.


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About Us

ApiRays® is a group of passionate researchers, academicians, business developers and legal attorneys that strive to develop efficient biotechnical solutions for cost-effective diagnostics. We are located in the renowned Karolinska Instititutet campus in the middle of the inspiring environment of the new life-sciences-hub Hagastaden, located in beautiful Stockholm. 

We have developed a recombinant apyrase enzyme called ApiOne® from bacterial origin that can instantly eliminate ATP and ATP by-products. Using ApiOne® in ATP-based diagnostics, it is possible to improve the sensitivity of methods, including bioluminescence and colorimetric tests. This activity helps ATP-based diagnostics to extend its applications in biomedicine, food and beverages, drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries.

ApiOne® provides significant advantages for the DNA sequencing industry, especially Pyrosequencing as it can increase the DNA read-lengths by at least 20%. Our patented solutions not only provide a superior alternative to potato apyrase but also reduce the experimental turn-around time up to 40%, thus cost.



“Working with ApiRays® has been demanding and fruitful for both sides, and we consider ApiRays® a unique and serious contender in the ATPase production industry.”

Krzysztof Kur CEO of DNA-Gdansk

“ApiOne® shows rapid elimination of extracellular ATP. Therefore inclusion of ApiOne® in ATP-diagnostic kits could improve the analysis of biological samples using bioluminescence.”

Arne Lundin CEO of BioThema


Latest news

Clinical evaluation agreement

We are very happy and proud to announce a collaboration with our partners for a clinical evaluation of our products! Our hope is to develop a standardized pipeline for bacterial blood and urine analyses.

Extended production agreement

We are happy to announce that we have reached an extended production agreement with our supplier in the EU, ensuring delivery of our high quality products at beneficial prices.

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